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Well, it finally happened, I broke down and designed a new site that really reflects Joe's techno style of art. And if the rumors of his upcoming title is true (it is based in a future technology type world) then we should have no problems.

Magdalena is coming out soon and boy is it gonna be a doosy. The promotions department at Top Cow has really done a number on this series and says that Magdalena #1 is the highest advance order book. With posters, variants, and black and white previews there is nothing but hype floating around and with good reason, this series is gonna KICK ASS!!!

Why? Not only do we have our favourite writer and informant, Marcia Chen, writting it, but Joe took six months to draw a 3 issue story so it's going to astounding. Plus we got one of the best inkers, Joe Weems V (Fathom) inking and Tyson Welgner from the Weapon Zero days (*sniff*).

Special Thanks to Twaun Samuel, the founder of the Joe Benitez fan club, where ever you are thank you. Phil Pawde for the recommendation for the name of the site. A huge thanks and a big hug to Marcia Chen for being our link between Joe Benitez and the internet. Hopefully one day he will get a computer. Finally, thank you to Joe Benitez, without his creativity, inspiration, and over all amazing talent there would be no fan club.


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